Preventive approach

15. We can sometimes identify a small problem and fix it before it becomes a major problem. Give an example(s) of how you have done this..

Recently I was asked to estimate labour for the new project for the company I work for. That project was similar to my previous one, so I had some experience with suggested architecture stack, especially authentication mechanism. So, during the conversation with BE guy, I recognized that he didn't give much thought to npm packages choosing for the project.
I asked him, which package is he going to use for auth. He said that in the previous project they used first-in-google one and it's working now in production, so he's going to use it again. Then I started being persuasively curious regarding the package source - who is maintaining it, how often. I also wondered if they've got their version dependencies fixed for crucial packages. It turned out that it was developed by anonymous as his alone fork project on GitHub and they are using npm, so with each update of the package, their production system will fetch source code of it, and then build it running third-party scripts on the production system. After me saying him that, he agreed with me and my suggestion to use immature but maintained by Microsoft authentication frontend library.